I have been extremely pleased with the service and quality of food that have been provided to us over the past year or so.

I just really wanted to pass on my appreciation of the service that you provide and express a big thank you – you guys may be a NFP, but the standards that you maintain are those of a fully professional service. Well done!

Greg Iverson | Executive Assistant
Infoxchange – Technology for social justice




Gday guys,

I’ve been noticing around the SEEK office lately that we have changed caterers and we are now getting our brekky and lunchtime sandwiches/rolls/wraps from you guys. Those nice wooden trays are very distinctive, and really brand your product very well. Anyway, they have all been soooo yummy that I felt obliged to look you up online to find out where this new food is coming from.

So this email is just a thank you from one of the workers at SEEK that are lucky enough to eat your sandwiches/ rolls/wraps from time to time. The Apricot danishes are awesome. But my out and out favourite is the beef, caramelised onion relish + rocket salad sandwiches/rolls/wraps. They rock my world. Plus, the chicken mayo sandwiches/rolls/wraps are pretty special too.

So thank you very much and please pass this thanks on to the talented peeps that make these very yummy treats!



Dave Baden-Powell
PWEI Afficionado.




Thanks for having us for our staff party. The food was spectacular, everyone was really raving about it. We had a lovely time, probably one of the best staff parties yet. And I think we were better behaved than I expected and less thirsty than expected (after all the beer in the park in the afternoon). So thank you. I will certainly recommend your space to others.

Phil – Borsch, Vodka and Tears




Royal Melbourne Tennis Club plays the original game of tennis.  Once every ten years or so, we hold a Black Tie formal dinner on our court.
The Mission Caters won, with a competitive quote, to cater for a three course dinner for 120 guests.

Without so much as a blink of an eye, Chris orchestrated a fantastic night dealing with difficult logistics ( Try serving all food though a “window”, a kitchen that was too small and a complete set up of a “dining room” on a tennis court!) The real advantage of using The Mission Caters is they have great staff, who are passionate.  They are attentive and aim to please.  All this, whilst being well priced.

The Mission Caters has also catered for small more intimate dinners and the odd cocktail party at the Club.  Successful nights on every occasion!

Julie – Royal Melbourne Tennis Club