Minimum order of 10 per item

  • Gourmet mini rolls, 1 roll per serve
  • Traditional point sandwiches, 6 points per serve
  • Wraps 1 wrap per serve
  • NY style bagels 1 bagel per serve
  • Baguettes, 3 pieces per serve
  • Artisan cobb loaf sandwiches, 2 halves per serve
  • Ribbon sandwiches, 6 ribbons per serve

Gluten free option available for all sandwich items


(Minimum order 10 serves).
Served in a bowl to share or in individual salad boxes

  • Caesar salad, cos lettuce, croutons, crispy bacon, home made Caesar dressing
  • Nicoise salad with tuna, tomato, green beans, potatoes, eggs (gf)
  • Grilled broccoli, shaved parmesan, dried cranberries, chilli, mint (v)
  • Greek salad with tomatoes, cucumber, feta cheese, olives, semi dried tomato dressing (v) (gf)
  • Red quinoa, freekeh, almonds, roast pumpkin, dried apricots, lemon, parsley (v)
  • Asian style slaw, mint, chilli, coriander, toasted cashews (v) (gf)
  • Beetroot, Meredith goats cheese, caramelised walnuts, mint, wild rocket (v) (gf)
  • Mexican bean and corn salad with avocado and tomato salsa (v) (gf)
  • Kale salad with crispy bacon, fetta cheese, pine nuts and lemon Tuscan oil (gf)
  • Fragrant Malaysian rice noodle salad with prawns and peanut (gf)
  • Slow roasted pumpkin and green bean salad with orange mustard vinaigrette (v) (gf)
  • Penne pasta, basil pesto, sundried tomato, olive, mayo (v)
  • Tasmanian smoked salmon, orange, fennel and tomato salad (gf)



(Minimum order 10 per item).

  • Tuscan vegetable and avocado melt on English muffin (v)
  • Mediterranean garlic infused vegetable quiche (v) **  
  • Chargrilled peppers and zucchini frittata with aromatic tomato chutney (v)(gf)
  • Slow roasted pumpkin and herb ricotta roll with dukkha dust (v) **
  • Ham, cheese croissant with tomato and thyme chutney
  • Sautéed mushroom and wild rocket croissants (v)
  • Homemade Mission chorizo sausage roll, with mixed herb and tomato sauce
  • Creamy mushroom and cheesy chicken puff
  • Tasmanian grass fed wagyu beef pie with tomato relish
  • Argentinian beef empanadas with chimichurri salsa
  • Plum tomato, goat’s cheese and basil bruschetta, infused truffle oil (v) **
  • South Indian vegetable samosa with fruit chutney (v)
  • Chilli bean, cumin, cilantro patties with light spice tomato ketchup (v) **
  • Tasmanian smoked salmon and chive mascarpone quiche **
  • Bacon and egg rolls with cheese **
  • Caramelised red onion, Meredith goats cheese, thyme tart (v) **
  • Mini bagel, smoked salmon, ricotta, lemon and dill
  • Mission scones; cheddar or pumpkin, served with jam and cream (v) **

 ** These menu items can be made gluten free at an additional cost of $0.50c per item



(Minimum order 10 per item).

  • Assorted fresh fruit muffins **
  • Assorted cookies and biscuits **
  • Fresh fruit rujak – light spice banana and lemon syrup (gf)
  • Bircher muesli, blueberries, granola, honey
  • Mission muesli slice
  • Mini assorted Danish pastries
  • Blueberry and coconut friend
  • Coconut sago and fruit parfait (gf)
  • Chocolate brownie
  • Homemade banana bread
  • Carrot cake, walnut, maple syrup, lemon cream cheese icing
  • Pineapple upside down slice
  • Strawberry fruit cake
  • Sticky date cake
  • White chocolate brownies
  • Apple and caramel slice
  • Double chocolate cake **
  • Lemon curd meringue tartlet
  • Macaron; coconut, pistachio, strawberry, chocolate, walnut, apricot, coffee, lemon (gf)
  • Traditional Mission scones; plain or fruit served with jam and cream **

** These menu items can be made gluten free at an additional cost of $0.50c per item


  • Hepburn sparkling water (750ml)
  • Soft drink (1.25L)
  • Mission refreshing fruit punch- In house functions only (seasonal fruit, mint, soda, juice, lemon and lime)
  • Milla’s organic juice – orange or apple (2L)
  • Percolated coffee (served in 2L air pot thermos)    
  • T2 tea selection

PLEASE NOTE: We offer free delivery for all orders over $100.00 (CBD and surrounds).