MAIN COURSE ($22.00 per serve)

Minimum order of 10 serves.

  • Moroccan style lamb with couscous
  • Chinese spiced beef (Devil Beef) in a tomato and sweet chilli sauce with steam rice or rice noodles (gf)
  • Roasted pumpkin and lemon zest tortellini with ratatouille sauce (v)
  • Pork loin, sweet potato cake, caramelised apple, creamy mustard sauce (gf)
  • Oven roasted field mushrooms stuffed with vegetable ragout and polenta (v) (gf)
  • Thai green chicken and vegetable curry with steamed rice (gf)
  • Vegetable tagine with apricots, coriander and couscous (v)
  • Bell peppers filled with Tuscan risotto and Neapolitan sauce (v) (gf)
  • Sri Lankan chicken curry, lemongrass, coconut, coriander and yellow rice (gf)
  • Tandoori marinade market fish with yoghurt, coriander and spiced cauliflower (gf)
  • Beef rang dang with fried anchovies, peanuts, nasi goreng (gf)
  • Market fish of the day with olive, tomato, fennel, bolita beans (gf)
  • Beef medallion, creamy peppercorn sauce and pomme puree (gf)
  • Oven baked chicken, mushroom, thyme gravy and polenta (gf)
  • Slow cooked lamb shanks, garlic mash, pan jus (gf)
  • Mild butter chicken, basmati rice (gf)
  • Pumpkin and roast vegetable lasagna

SIDE DISHES ($5.00 per serve)

Minimum order of 10 serves.

  • Oven roasted Tuscan vegetable (gf)
  • Baby gourmet potatoes, melted butter (gf)
  • Sautéed green beans with garlic butter (gf)
  • Sautéed kale with bacon and toasted coconut (gf)
  • Potato beurre noisette with fried onions (gf)



Sushi Platter (42 pieces) $60.00 per platter

Selection of California rolls, wakame salad, wasabi, soya dip (v) (gf)

Antipasto platter (6-8 people) $70.00 per platter

Selection of cured meats, marinated green olives, cheese, grilled vegetables, herb baguette

Vegetarian dips (6-8 people) $60.00 per platter

Hummus, tzatziki, baba ganoush, olives, semi dried tomatoes, grilled vegetables, flat bread (gf)

Vegetarian antipasto  (6-8 people) $60.00 per platter

Marinated mushroom and a selection of grilled vegetables, hummus and flatbread (gf)

Seasonal fruit platters

Freshly sliced; served with a range of seasonal fruits.

Small fruit platter (6 to 8 people) $30.00 per platter

Medium fruit platter (10 to 12 people)  $60.00 per platter

Large fruit platter (12 to 15 people) $100.00 per platter


Regional cheese platter (12-14 people)$100.00 per platter

Selection of three cheeses, lavosh, water crackers, dried fruit, nuts, quince paste (gf)

Mixed Tapas (12-14 people) $100.00 per platter

Selection of grilled and marinated vegetables, cured meats, dips and flat bread

FORK DISHES ($9.50 per item)

(Minimum order of 20 per item).

Recommended for in house functions:

  • Slow roast pumpkin ravioli, basil, tomato, olive, mozzarella (v)
  • Salt and pepper calamari with citrus garlic aioli
  • Spinach gnocchi with wild mushroom and truffle ragout (v)
  • Louisiana rice, crispy spiced pork belly (gf)
  • Chicken yam, coconut rice, sweet onion sambal (gf)
  • Thai fish and prawn cake, crunchy salad, saffron aioli
  • Butternut risotto with five spice duck, rocket and parmesan (gf)
  • Parmesan, spinach, Swiss brown mushroom, arancini, light spicy tomato chutney (v)
  • Popcorn chicken, toasted coconut, lime, coriander, mint salad (gf)

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